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Libertarians participate in a Walk for Capitalism
[December 6] Libertarian activists across America went on a "Walk for Capitalism" to demonstrate their commitment to free trade and private property rights. Read the story

The Libertarian Party: Still Going Strong at 30
[December 6] It seems hard to believe that 30 years have passed since a small group of young idealists, most of us just out of college, met in Colorado Springs to launch the Libertarian Party Read the op-ed

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[11/30] Why did police arrest 734,498 pot-smokers, instead of tracking murderous terrorists?

[11/28] Unbelievable: EEOC forces airport security to hire foreign Arabs from terrorist nations


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January 8 - 9:30am Orientation at the State Capitol.

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"This country is a one-party country. Half of it is called Republican and half is called Democrat. It doesn't make any difference. All the really good ideas belong to the Libertarians." Hugh Downs (1997)

-This Week in History-

12/11/1971 - Libertarian Party founded by David Nolan and friends in the basement of the Colorado Springs home of Luke Zell.

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